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Application Insight for Windows Store and Windows Phone apps

21 Nov

In the launch keynote of Visual Studio 2013, Brian Harry announced and demoed a new service called Application Insights.

The service is available through Visual Studio Online and “collects, processes and presents a wide variety of telemetry including performance, usage, availability, exception, crash, environment, log and developer-supplied data from all components of a modern application – including clients (devices and browser), servers, databases and services.”

With Application Insights it is possible to gain full insight into your Windows Store and Windows Phone applications; how does the user actually use your app, which features are used the most or least, are there any performance issues and so on. All of this will be presented nicely in a dashboard that can easily be customized to your exact needs directly in Visual Studio Online.

Currently the service is available as limited preview and you can sign up from Visual Studio Online:

Bluefragments have been part of the TAP program since early this year and have followed Tofino become what it is today (truly amazing work by some passionate guys!). Looking forward to integrate Application Insights into our Windows Phone and Windows Store apps.

// thomas

BUILD app for Windows Store

17 Jun

In Bluefragments we love to do fun stuff. For the last couple of weeks we have been working on a BUILD app for Windows Store.

We wanted to build an app that is great to navigate through the content of the BUILD 13 conference. At the same time it should work as an archive over the previous BUILD conferences allowing the user to watch recorded sessions and published slides and demos. Last week we published first version. We have got a lot of great feedback and the next version in certification at the moment. We expect it to be public within a few days.

We’re working hard to finish our BUILD app for Windows Phone as well. First version will include the BUILD 13 program. Stay tuned!

If you got any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at buildapp@bluefragments.com.

// thomas

Spotify – we will do your Windows Store app for free!

14 Dec

It’s a shame to see that Spotify still isn’t available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. I understand that they probably have a big backlog and can’t have apps of this size available in just a few weeks.

However Windows 8 have been available for some months now and we haven’t heard anything from Spotify about a realistic release date. The result is obvious – users cancel their subscriptions and find another musicplayer. Just check out the forums and the comments in this thread – users have an excellent alternative in Xbox music.

A few weeks back my team and I decided to take a radical step – we offered Spotify to do the Windows 8 app – for free. We have developed our share of apps for the Windows Store; 20+ apps ranging from video-on-demand apps to homebanking apps.

We still haven’t heard anything from Spotify.


Windows 8 will be free (I think)

5 Oct

With Windows 8 Microsoft also introduces their Windows Metro App Marketplace also known as the “Windows Store”. According to SlashGear Microsoft intends to charge a 30 percent cut on the Windows 8 apps designed and sold through the store. Most apps will have a huge advantage of being sold through the store and most developers will probably prefer the store as their primary distribution channel. Based on the Apple App Store and the Windows Phone Marketplace the Windows Store will potentially holds thousands of apps, making huge earnings to Microsoft.

Imagine a world where Windows 8 (home edition) is free – paid by the earnings made on the app purchases in the Windows Store. I think it is very likely to happen.