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Spotify – we will do your Windows Store app for free!

14 Dec

It’s a shame to see that Spotify still isn’t available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. I understand that they probably have a big backlog and can’t have apps of this size available in just a few weeks.

However Windows 8 have been available for some months now and we haven’t heard anything from Spotify about a realistic release date. The result is obvious – users cancel their subscriptions and find another musicplayer. Just check out the forums and the comments in this thread – users have an excellent alternative in Xbox music.

A few weeks back my team and I decided to take a radical step – we offered Spotify to do the Windows 8 app – for free. We have developed our share of apps for the Windows Store; 20+ apps ranging from video-on-demand apps to homebanking apps.

We still haven’t heard anything from Spotify.


Where is The Build App?

31 Oct

Yesterday at the excellent keynote at Build, Steve Ballmer clarified the importance of building great apps for the Windows platform. To back it, Microsoft provided all attendees with a Surface – if we promised to develop lots of apps. With the keynote in mind I searched the Windows Store for the Build App – I couldn’t find it. Instead I tried the Build website (www.buildwindows.com) on my Surface. I quickly realized that some part of the website was built with touch in mind – but certainly not most of it.

So my question to Microsoft is pretty simple: Why haven’t you build an awesome Build app that would inspire developers to build great apps?

You have a really strong support in your knights (the MVPs) that most definitely would have built it for you.

UPDATE (2012-11-02):

The Build app is now available at the Windows Store.

Build 2012 app for Windows in the Windows Store
Learn more about Build 2012 by Microsoft Corporation and download it from the Windows Store

// thomas

PROSA taler med Bluefragments om Windows 8

26 Oct

I denne måneds udgave af PROSA har de en artikel om Windows 8 – “Windows 8 under overfladen” – skrevet af Dan Mygin. Artiklen er baseret på et interview med undertegnede og Jørgen Andersen og ser på nogle af de muligheder og udfordringer som både udviklere står overfor i forbindelse med den nu lancerede Windows 8.

Du kan se hele artiklen her på siden 18 – http://bit.ly/prosa-nov-2012.

// thomas

Jeg kan også anbefale artiklen på side 70, hvor Dan Mygin har snakket med Brian Rasmussen.

10 things every .NET developer should know about Windows 8

19 Oct

Yesterday I did a talk at CNUG about Windows 8. I talked about 10 things every .NET developer should know about Windows 8.

So what are the 10 things every .NET developer should know about Windows 8 – if you got 90 minutes to present them? I choose these 10 topics:

  • Design does matter
  • Snap and Scale Beautifully
  • Presenting Data
  • DataTemplateSelector
  • Async is Great
  • Use the right Contracts
  • Invest in a Great Tile
  • Connected and Alive
  • Take care of Process Lifetime
  • Notice the Fine Print

Some of the topics are quite large – how can you talk about presenting data or async in less then 10 minutes?! Seriously!! Well I hope the participants got a good glimpse at some of the cool features available in Windows 8 and that some of them enjoy their really cool Bluefragments Windows 8 t-shirt :)

You can get my slides and my demo from my SkyDrive http://sdrv.ms/PE4pqm.

// thomas

Current screen resolution in Windows 8

23 Aug

Getting the current screen resolution in Windows 8 using C# is really straight forward:

var bounds = Window.Current.Bounds;
doube height = bounds.Height;
double width = bounds.Width;

// xamlgeek

PlayReady for Windows 8

21 Aug

The use of PlayReady is a bit different on Windows 8 then on Silverlight. Microsoft have provided a very good sample on the use of PlayReady for Windows 8 here.

At the time of writing the referenced Microsoft PlayReady Client SDK version 1.0 assembly is missing in the sample. Luckily a new version is available here (version 2.3.1662.0). Download and run the extension, remove the old reference in the sample, add the new reference – and BAM – you’re done.

Happy coding!

// xamlgeek

Windows 8 talk

9 Feb

Yesterday I did a Windows 8 talk with Martin Jepsen (red. partner in Bluefragments). During our 3 hour long talk we talked about developing Metro Style Apps, Windows 8 contracts and WinRT. We got lots of good questions from the 85 people who participated which gave a relaxed atmosphere – thank you for that!

Slides from the talk can be downloaded here.


Metro Style App questions in Twitter

6 Jan

MSDN got a series of Windows Metro style apps forums to cover questions within different aspects of Windows Metro style apps development. The forums are monitored by Microsoft employees and often they are replying fast to the questions. Stackoverflow got coverage of Windows 8 questions as well.

I have created @metrostyleapps giving you all questions from the MSDN forums and from Stackoverflow in Twitter. The feed is created using twitterfeed.com.



“Badevand” for Windows 8

22 Nov

Badevand (Bathing Water) is a Windows 8 metro app written in XAML and C#. It shows the water temperature, air temperature and rain level for 5 beaches in Copenhagen, Denmark.

You can download the package here.

Update with details view and more beaches will follow soon.


Built-in antivirus in Windows 8

22 Nov

According to ZDNet and IT world Microsoft announced that they will build parts of Security Essentials antivirus into Windows 8.

I think Security Essentials is a fine product and use it as protection for all of my Windows 7 computers – this is an active choice I have performed. I understand that many end-users will benefit of free built-in anti-virus protection. Personally I would prefer a pick-and-choose strategy letting the user select their preferred anti-virus provider as part of the Windows installation process.