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Dual boot with Windows 7 and Windows 8 (VHD)

16 Sep

This is the second post in a series following up on the //build conference.

All attendees got a Windows 8 based tablet after the first day keynote. The tablet is running a technology preview of Windows 8 and got some developer related applications like Visual Studio 11 Express (preview) preinstalled. The tablet is a Samsung 7-series with some really cool hardware specs including a docking station and a slick keyboard from Samsung as well. PC world have written a review here.

I got a few extra applications installed pretty fast – Visual Studio 11 Ultimate was among the first. So the tablet is really cool and can easily be used for development. However that was not enough for me. I had to install Windows 8 on my primary laptop (Lenovo T410s) to get the full development experience. After hearing and seeing some failures doing this, I took some pretty slow steps to make sure everything would work alright.

I followed this guide from Mister Godcat and it works great! I did not have any issues during the installation process at all. I got the same dialog asking me to enter license key but just skipped it. As soon as it got online it automatically activated using a predefined key.

I have already tried to slide on the start menu using my fingers. Only problem is that my Lenovo is not a touchscreen which makes me feel a little bit stupid :)