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Metro Style App questions in Twitter

6 Jan

MSDN got a series of Windows Metro style apps forums to cover questions within different aspects of Windows Metro style apps development. The forums are monitored by Microsoft employees and often they are replying fast to the questions. Stackoverflow got coverage of Windows 8 questions as well.

I have created @metrostyleapps giving you all questions from the MSDN forums and from Stackoverflow in Twitter. The feed is created using twitterfeed.com.



Get Stackoverflow questions in Twitter

13 Jan

Stackoverflow is a really great site to get questions answered. A lot of developers based on many different technologies use it. As a Silverlight MVP I try to help out with the questions regarding Silverlight.

For some time I have missed a way to easily get an overview of the Silverlight related questions in Stackoverflow – they are typically spread over 5-8 different tags (“Silverlight”, “Silverlight-4.0” and so on). Furthermore I would love to have a way to get the questions in my favorite Twitter reader (MetroTwit).

Luckily there is an easy way to do it: TwitterFeed.com!

I have created an account on twitterfeed and added the RSS feed from each of the tags that I wish to follow from Stackoverflow. To get the feeds into Twitter I have created a Twitter account (@SLWP7QUESTIONS). In twitterfeed I have associated each feed with the twitteraccount.

To avoid my normal twitter account (@thomasmartinsen) from getting flooded with Silverlight questions I have added the new account to a list that contains questions from many different sources.

Now, thanks to TwitterFeed.com, I get Stackoverflow questions in my twitter reader and I get a much easier better overview of the questions asked.

by xamlgeek