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Using the function keys on a Surface type cover

9 Oct

For the last couple of months I have used my Surface Pro as my primary machine – and I love it! Only thing that really have been nagging me was the extreme use of the Fn key to be able to use the function keys.

The use of the Fn key to access the function keys are really well documented at microsoft.com or from surfacetablethelp.com in case you have no idea what the function keys are actually used for.

Well, so yesterday I decided to do the search and find a way to swap the shortcut keys with the function keys  – and the result was almost mind blowing. Almost to simple to understand.

Hold the Fn button and press the CapsLock

Wonder why I didn’t do that search 6 months ago…

// thomas

Articles about touch for Silverlight

2 Aug

This blog post contain some of the articles and projects I have read and used as part of a touch project for Silverlight.

Please let me know if you have read a good article about touch for Silverlight.

by xamlgeek