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Silverlight 5 – Default file name in SaveFileDialog

25 May

A long requested feature coming with Silverlight 5 is the opportunity to set the default file name in the SaveFileDialog. In previous versions of Silverlight this missing feature have resulted in some bad user experiences, but finally it is here and it is easy to use.

To demonstrate it I have create a demo writing a text file to the computer allowing the user to set the default file name from the very beginning.


When the user clicks the Save-button the SaveFileDialog is shown and the user can save the file locally on the computer. The text from the TextBox is parsed to the SaveFileDialog as the default file name.


In the code I have set the Filter, the DefaultExt and the DefaultFileName on my SaveFileDialog instance. This provide an optimal experience for my user when saving files.


You can download the demo here.

by xamlgeek