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Using the ProgressIndicator in the SystemTray in Windows Phone

30 Oct

In many cases Windows Phone developers implement and place their own progress indicators in Windows Phone apps.

When you add a new PhoneApplicationPage to the app it will by default set the IsVisible property on the SystemTray to true on the page. This is done in XAML by default in the VS template.

The system tray can also be accessed from codebehind. It is possible to set properties like IsVisible during the Loaded or OnNavigatedTo event wired up in the codebehind. It’s not possible to set the system tray as part of the pages constructor.

The system tray got a build-in progress indicator (ProgressIndicator) located in the top of the system tray. The progress indicator on the system tray can be used in the application to show progress in a uniformed way. However to be able to use the progress indicator you first need to instantiate it.

Once it’s instantiated you can set all the regular properties like Opacity and Color on it and it’s possible to reuse this “default” progress indicator in a very easy manner. It won’t take long to make this a bit more generic which you most likely would do if you’re building an app with more than one or two pages.

// thomas