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Numeric keyboard on Windows Phone 7

15 Nov

Typing on a smartphone can be somewhat of a challenge. Therefore as much help as possible is often preferred. When the user selects a TextBox in a Windows Phone 7 app it will show the normal alphanumeric keyboard by default.

If the user should input a numeric value it would be a help for the user that the numeric keyboard was show as default instead. The trick is to set the InputScope property. Setting InputScope="CurrencyAmount" on a TextBox will force the numeric keyboard to be show.


Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

17 Sep

Here are a few keyboard (and mouse) shortcuts for Windows 8 when in Metro mode:

Application Search Win+Q 
Settings Search Win+W
Files Search Win+F
Settings Charm Win+I
Rotation Lock Win+O
Time/date and start menu Win+C

Of course you can still use the old keyboard shortcuts such as Win+D or Win+R or Win+L.

If you’re using a mouse you can activate the charms/options by putting the mouse at the bottom left edge. Mouse mode also lets you active in-app options by right clicking.

You can use the keyboard’s arrow keys and page down/up to pick tiles. Use Enter to launch them. The menu button will let you select them.