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Getting ready for JAOO

28 Sep

On Sunday I’m doing a full day training session about Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and Azure. All three technologies are huge and great at their own but together they give a truly amazing development platform.


Doing the session the participants will learn to develop a Silverlight webshop running in the browser and they will learn to build an out-of-browser Silverlight application to administrate the webshop. To take it one step further the participants will learn to develop a simple shop for Windows Phone 7 (yes, I will bring a developer device!). Finally the participants will learn to host the applications in Windows Azure and to store the data in SQL Azure.

by xamlgeek 

JAOO tutorial: Building Data-driven Applications with Microsoft ASP.NET and Silverlight

7 Oct

I søndags afholdte Thomas Juul og undertegnede en tutorial til JAOO konferencen om data-drevne applikationer i ASP.NET og Silverlight.

Slides og demoer bliver lagt ud på tutorial’ens hjemmeside: