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Why I would buy an iPhone

16 Jun

First of all, I wouldn’t buy an iPhone. But then again maybe I would… No matter how much I don’t like the Apple business model, I have to respect the amount of iPhone devices that they have sold*. Obviously Apple is doing something right! The design is unique and the user experience is amazing.

With the launch of Windows Phone 7 just around the corner, I’m getting ready to build applications on devices that are somewhat different then what I’m used to. To get inspiration and a better knowledge about this new type of applications, I have bought two books about iPhone application design and user experience:

Back to the main question, why I would buy an iPhone. I would do it to experience and learn about the application design and user experience. I’m looking forward to read all about it and get some hands on experience on how to do it related to Windows Phone 7.

by xamlgeek 

*) of course that will stop overnight when Windows Phone 7 is launched ;)