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Disable spell checker in Windows 8

21 Sep

Since the //build conference in Anaheim I have been running the Windows 8 Technology Preview. All-in-all I’m pleased with what I see. There are a lot of bugs and issues but hey! that is ok from a product that is not even in beta yet.

I have tried to do most of my work on Windows 8 machines to give it a proper test. Most bugs I can accept but one feature (and I actually don’t think it is a bug) is the wide-ranging dictionary. No matter where I work in Windows there is a dictionary following me trying to fix every word I type. Problem is that I makes the system super slow and often correct words into misspelled words or ignore keystrokes. Such a feature would probably be amazing to some and would at minimum require some specification about which level and programs to interfere with.

At the moment there is only one way to disable the spell checker in Windows 8 (as far as I know) – you have to kill the process. Find the process called “Microsoft Spell Checking Facility” and kill it – that is it!


From then on all of your keystrokes will be caught – yeah!