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Rethink your design for WP7

18 Oct

I have just been watching 100+ videos about apps and games for Windows Phone 7 ( Most of them are actually some pretty cool apps!

Just before watching the videos I read this article about the differences in the iPhone chrome and the Windows Phone 7 chrome ( A short article that focus on some of the visual differences between the two phones.

When I saw the videos one thing keeps popping up – some of the apps are not designed for Windows Phone – they are designed for iPhone! If you take a look at the UI and the navigation they are obviously designed to run on a phone that provides a more static and grid-based UI instead of a fluid and living UI.

I hope that many of the big companies spend the extra design hours and enhance the UI for their Windows Phone 7 apps instead of just converting them – rethink the design and enhance the end user experience.

That said, many of the apps looks really cool and I’m looking forward to take them for a spin!

by xamlgeek