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Using the function keys on a Surface type cover

9 Oct

For the last couple of months I have used my Surface Pro as my primary machine – and I love it! Only thing that really have been nagging me was the extreme use of the Fn key to be able to use the function keys.

The use of the Fn key to access the function keys are really well documented at or from in case you have no idea what the function keys are actually used for.

Well, so yesterday I decided to do the search and find a way to swap the shortcut keys with the function keys  – and the result was almost mind blowing. Almost to simple to understand.

Hold the Fn button and press the CapsLock

Wonder why I didn’t do that search 6 months ago…

// thomas

Surface WinRT available in DK

23 Jan

Today Microsoft announced that Surface Windows 8 Pro will be available start on Feb. 9 through all Microsoft retail stores and from This is really great news! I love my WinRT and I have high hopes for the pro edition.

At the same time it was announced that Surface WinRT will be available to 13 additional markets in the coming weeks – including Denmark! Finally! Looking forward to see through which stores it will be possible to buy them in Denmark.

Writing blog posts from Word 2013

28 Oct

My favorite tool for writing blog posts have for the last couple of years been Live Writer (part of Windows Essentials). The reasons for the choice are several but one of them is the fact that the editor good, supports plugins and integrates well with major blog engines.

I’m writing this blog post on my new Surface RT (using the type keyboard). A bit naive I hoped I would be able to install Windows Essentials on it – Of course not. “Windows Essentials isn’t available for Windows RT, but you can you can do more with world of new apps at the Windows Store”. So I looked for an app in Windows Store but unfortunately I couldn’t find one that would suite my needs.

While I was taking a look at the new Office 2013 edition preinstalled on Surface RT I saw a template called “Blog post”. A bit skeptical I tried to click it. What meet me was a simple UI, full integration with several major blog engines (including categories), and of course the amazing word editor. In this version of Office 2013 it’s possible to set if the UI should be optimized for mouse or touch giving you more space between commands. Must say that I’m quite impressed so far.

Only thing that I seem to miss at the moments is being able to set tags on the blog post.

// thomas

2 days of Surface training

8 Feb

I have just completed 2 days of Surface training at Microsoft, Vedbæk. The training was done by Dr. Neil Roodyn from NSquared and hosted by Ole Kjeldsen from Microsoft, Denmark.

The training was instructive and I learned about the design principals of touchable applications. Furthermore it was great to talk to other Surface developers.

I have created a group for Surface developers in Denmark at LinkedIn – read my post about it here.

by xamlgeek

Surface Developers in Denmark

26 Jan

The Surface technology from Microsoft is pretty new and is still running on its first version. Even though the hardware has been available for a few years now, it wasn’t available in Denmark until about 6 months ago. But now we got it!

Because the technology is still new and fresh, not many developers have looked at it yet – specially not in Denmark. There is a group at LinkedIn called “Surface Developers in Denmark” ( for all Danish Surface developers. I encourage all surface developers to join it and be part of the Danish Surface community.

by xamlgeek