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Silverlight on IPad 3

22 Jul

I’m a Silverlight MVP and I love Silverlight! These days I often hear “Isn’t Silverlight dead?” – well to some Silverlight have never really existed but I think Silverlight have a bright future ahead. I also hear a lot complaining about problems with the IPad due to the fact that IOS is just a mobile OS.

It has been reported Windows 8 will be able to run on ARM processors. This will open up some new possibilities for Windows based slates and I guess we will see hardware looking like IPad – but running a full OS instead of a mobile OS.

If Apple want to compete with Windows 8 running on ARM processors they need to upgrade the IPad – they need to run a full OS. A few days ago Apple launched OSX Lion. It looks great and with its new feature to show the apps like on an IPad I guess Apple have taken the initial step to launch IPad 3 running OSX Lion.

With a full OS like OSX Lion it will be possible to run Silverlight on IPad 3.

by xamlgeek

5 days with an iPad

13 Jul

For the last 5 days I have been using my new iPad as my primary home-device. With home-device I mean the device I use to check e-mails, editing documents, order planetickets, transfer money and check what is coming on TV tonight.

First of all my wife appreciate the performance, the lightweight hardware and that it is really easy to use. Secondly my 2-year old kid loves it – the userinterface and hardware is so intuitive to use that he actually switches between games without my wife or I need to help him.

For my own point of view I’m amazed by the hardware – it great looking and simple to use. I’m not really enjoying IOS but I must admit that it is running smoothly on the hardware. I’m a bit disappointed about the lack of functionality due to the fact that the browser is treated like a mobile browser; the mobile browser will not let me edit my documents online (blame it on the browser or the office-product; I do not care – it does not work). There is a lot of functionality I’m missing in OS (like being able to run Java – my online banking require it) but it is partly compensated by the lots of apps available.

One app really blow my mind: Flipboard. It is a really cool new way to read news.

I think we will see a new OS running on iPads in the future – an OS looking more like OSX then IOS. In a moment Microsoft will launch Windows 8 running on lots of different slates – some will proably look more or less like the iPad. With Windows 8 you will get the full OS experience on the slates and Apple have to match that in some way.

This post was written on my iPad using the WordPress app.

by xamlgeek

Apple is in the House

9 Jul

Apple have been innovators on the next generation of smartphones and on the next generation of tablets. To be honest I appriciate the introduction of iPhone – the smartphone market was almost not evolving at the time. As a Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 developer I’m not sure that I understand the fixation Apple have received after introducing iPhone and iPad; the IOS platform is very limited and not very developer-friendly – but damn they (Apple) produce some nice hardware!

For a long time I have been listening more or less passive to the hype about iPhone and iPad. Yesterday I decided that enough is enought! I decided to buy an iPhone and iPad to try them out and see if the fixation is genuie. I bought an iPhone 4 (16GB) and an iPad 2 (64GB); both with a 32MBit data connection from 3 ( The iPad is with a docking station from Apple.

Prior to buying the stuff above I have been using a Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC Mozart (both with Windows Phone 7.1 beta) as my primary phones and an Acer Iconia W500 slate running Windows 7. Becides that I have a Lenovo T410S I use for development. I have been pleased with the Windows Phone platform so far – there are some issues I find critical if Microsoft is going to be able to get a leading position in the smartphone market but it is a really good starting point.

First let me comment on the iPhone. What Apples always have been good at is the wrapping. I received it in a very small box and it looked like a million (Nokia, Samsung and HTC pay attention – you could learn a lot here from Apple!). I put in the micro sim card and turned it on. “Please connect to iTunes”. What? What the fuck! A few years ago I had an iPod – being forced to use iTunes to choose to give it away. In my opinion iTunes is by far the most non-userfriendly music application ever created. With no way around it I choose to install iTunes again. Running through a quick wizard in iTunes to register the iPhone it was ready to use.

My expections for the iPhone was high. With all the hype I almost expected it to be ready to make coffee for me :) I tuned some settings and tried to download a few apps – constantly I was told that I wasn’t able to use the data connection. Laying the blame on the location (Ordrup, Denmark) I accepted this eventhough I had an average speed when using my laptop. As the hours went by and I was getting more and more annoid about the lack of performance of the data connection I recalled the media storm about the antenna problem. Almost for fun I tried to hold the iPhone in the bottom between my fingertips the data connection instantly doubled the performance. WHAT?! Why is such a simple problem not fixed?!

Next step was to get my 3 e-mail accounts up and running: a hosted Exchange account, a Hotmail account and a GMail account. I was fairly simple to add all the accounts. Not sure why but a lot of my contacts from my Exchange account was added 3 or 4 times (this could be something done wrong from my side). Looking at my e-mail accounts from the startscreen I only get notified about new mails; not on which account and I have to got through a few steps to open to correct mailbox. No big issue but in the long run it could be. Finding something in the AppStore is easy! and I can find almost anything I want. However the AppStore is REALLY slow (could be a side effect of the data connection issue mentioned above).

I have used the iPhone as my primary phone for a few days now and I have to switch back my Windows Phone 7. The iPhone is too slow and it is static and borring in its userability. On the upside the hardware looks so much better then any other phone on the market and it is obvious that Apple have learned some lessons during the first 3 versions. However with the developer experience in mind iPhone (4) could never be my primary phone.

With that in mind I turned on the iPad. It looks cool and weights about half of my Acer tablet. After completing the wizard in iTunes I tried to install a few apps. This time I did not experience any problems the data connection and the apps was quickly installed. Tried to introduce Angry Birds to my 2 1/2 years old son with great succes. This was not possible on the Samsung Omnia 7 due to the touch search-button. Anybody with the a Windows Phone 7 and with touch buttons knows about the issue.

I expected to use Windows Live Apps to edit my Office documents. Fast I realised that IOS is just a mobile OS. Dough! Windows Live Apps is not supported in mobile browsers leaving me without any possibility of editing my documents. Dammit! Why haven’t Apple upgraded their OS on iPad to run some more features then the extremly limited version running on iPhone?

Since you’re reading this blogpost you know that I use WordPress as my blogging engine. I found a WordPress app for the iPad enabling me to write posts on the iPad. And it actually works pretty good. There is already lots of iPad specific apps and some of them looks really nice.

So the iPad is good for two things: children (of any age) playing and blogging :) (not fair to say, I know!). I have only been using the iPad for about 5 hours but I must that I see some great potential in the format and Apple’s infrastructure on this platform. I hope to see OSX vNext running on iPad some day. That would really turn this platform into something really great.

Having tried iPhone and iPad I there is not doubt iPhone is not the best smartphone on the market but the iPad got some great potential. Dear iPhone users (and developers), please give Windows Phone 7 a try – you will be REALLY positive surprised!

UPDATE: As a follow up on this post I did a post on the status of Windows Phone 7. You can read it here. One thing that keep amazing me is the hardware that Apple produces – it is in an entire different league then most other hardware manufactores. I have received a few comments about my judgement of the iPhone – I stand by my comments by admit that I had really high expections which might have had influence on my judgement. I will give it another go soon and I all-in-all do believe that it is a good phone.

This post is written on my iPad.

by xamlgeek

(anybody want’s to buy an almost new iPhone 4?)