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Start page in Azure

19 Nov

I have just completed a very exiting Silverlight project hosted in Windows Azure. One challenge I had during the development was setting the start page in the web role project.

During development this of course wasn’t an issue – I just right clicked the page I wanted as startpage as selected “Set as Start Page”.

When I deployed to Azure the start page wasn’t recognized. To set the start page in Azure it is necessary to do one of two things: 1) Implement a start page called “Default.aspx” or 2) specify the start page in the web.config file:


Setting the defaultDocument value in the web.config fixed my issue.

by xamlgeek

Valuable lesson learned about Azure

13 Sep

For the last two months I have been working on a Silverlight project hosted on an Azure platform. I have had my challenges with Azure but all things considered I think it is a really good platform. It’s without doubt that I can say my next Silverlight application will be based on the Azure platform as well.

But – there’s one thing that hit me pretty hard. The bill. For the last month I got a bill for 3300 computing hours!!!Windows azure got both a Production and a Staging environment and apparently (and fair enough) I pay for every hour for both environments and for every site I have active. Since then I have suspended all of my Staging environments when not needed.

by xamlgeek