Where is the Skype app for Windows Phone?

1 Nov

Yesterday I wrote a blog post asking about the missing Build app for Windows 8. Rumors says the app is built but failed certification hence not available for the attendees – it has not been confirmed by Microsoft!

Until today Nokia Lumia 800 have been my primary phone. Today I’m taking my new Nokia Lumia 920 (thank you Microsoft and Nokia!) and doing it the only true way – making it my primary phone. It’s a big phone but the technical features are awesome and combined with Windows Phone 8 I expect a great experience. I have customized it (making it my own) and I already love some of the new features – especially the “Rooms” feature – it’s really communication made easy!

For the last couple of months I have been addicted to Skype. With the new Skype app for Windows 8 my expectations for the running the app on a Windows Phone 8 device was pretty high. I have been running Skype on my Lumia 800 but it’s almost useless without a front faced camera. Open the store, searching for Skype and gets several results – but no Skype app?! Frustration kicking in! Searching the internet to get an answer.

Turns out that Skype have built a new app from the ground up for Windows Phone 8 supporting some of the new awesome features available in the Windows 8 app and using the new features available in Windows Phone 8. Skype have announced that it is soon-to-be available. Read the full story and get an overview of the new features at their blog or take a look at this video.

// thomas

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