Templates in Visual Studio 2012

1 Nov

For some time now I have developed XAML based Windows Store apps using Visual Studio Ultimate 2012. The apps are built for clients as part of my company targeting consumers. What I’m trying to get to is that I use Visual Studio and the built-in templates quite a lot. And with that also comes some features requests :)

The built-in solution templates are fine. They are good for getting started and learning about the new guidelines for building Windows Store apps and Windows Phone apps. I guess that every Windows Store developer have tried to build a demo app based on the templates. So my issues comes to adding new items to my projects. Every time I add a new Page or new UserControl to a project, I have to delete 20 lines of comments in the XAML and in the code-behind (especially for Windows Phone 8). The comments describe how to get started using the items and how to read more about the type of item. This is great information for new developers or developers getting to know the platform – but it’s not appropriate in a pro tool like Visual Studio Ultimate. Why not have it in a starter kit or in the Express editions of Visual Studio (only).

To answer a comment that most likely will pop-up – yes I’m aware that it’s possible to customize the content of the items. It just shouldn’t be necessary in pro tools like Visual Studio. I think.

// thomas

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