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Current screen resolution in Windows 8

23 Aug

Getting the current screen resolution in Windows 8 using C# is really straight forward:

var bounds = Window.Current.Bounds;
doube height = bounds.Height;
double width = bounds.Width;

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PlayReady for Windows 8

21 Aug

The use of PlayReady is a bit different on Windows 8 then on Silverlight. Microsoft have provided a very good sample on the use of PlayReady for Windows 8 here.

At the time of writing the referenced Microsoft PlayReady Client SDK version 1.0 assembly is missing in the sample. Luckily a new version is available here (version 2.3.1662.0). Download and run the extension, remove the old reference in the sample, add the new reference – and BAM – you’re done.

Happy coding!

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Exam 70-484: Essentials of Developing Windows Metro style Apps using C#

2 Aug

Today I took the beta exam 70-484: “Essentials of Developing Windows Metro style Apps using C#”. The “Skills measured” deals with several topics in and related to Metro Style apps. It was fun and a great challenge. As it is a beta exam I have to wait several weeks to get the result – the suspense is killing me!

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