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CNUG reaches 900 members

11 Jan

Yesterday I wrote a proud post about how the Windows Phone usergroup had reached 400+ members. Today I can write another very proud post about the Copenhagen .NET Usergroup (CNUG) – we have reached 900 members! Wow!

When I joined the inner circle a few years back I never thought that we was able to take the group to the size it got today. We have never had better enrollments for our events then what we have had for the last 6 months and we have a really good relationship with many companies in the Copenhagen area.

Thank you all for making this group real – I’m fucking proud of being part of it!


WPDEV reaches 400+ members

9 Jan

Today the Danish usergroup for Windows Phone developers (WPDEV) reached 400+ developers. During the 1½ years of existing we have held several code camps around Denmark with several hundreds of developers participating.

It’s been an pleasure to be part of the inner circle – I look forward to the next year with a lot of new stuff coming up.


Delete failed WP7 app submission

9 Jan

Sometimes it happens that one get to submit an app for certification and it fails. And in some cases one wish to just delete the submission after it fails – but that is not possible out-of-the-box on But there is an easy workaround.

Edit the submission details for the failed app. Add a new XAP-file – it doesn’t have be a modification of the original XAP-file. I have replaced the XAP-file with a dummy XAP-file called “delete.xap”. Hit the “Save and Quit”-button to quit the submission. In the overview the app submission have changed state to “submission incomplete”.


Click the “submission incomplete” to go to the submission details. In the bottom you will have a “Delete submission”-button and you can delete your submission – yeah!



Metro Style App questions in Twitter

6 Jan

MSDN got a series of Windows Metro style apps forums to cover questions within different aspects of Windows Metro style apps development. The forums are monitored by Microsoft employees and often they are replying fast to the questions. Stackoverflow got coverage of Windows 8 questions as well.

I have created @metrostyleapps giving you all questions from the MSDN forums and from Stackoverflow in Twitter. The feed is created using