Archive | November, 2011

“Badevand” for Windows 8

22 Nov

Badevand (Bathing Water) is a Windows 8 metro app written in XAML and C#. It shows the water temperature, air temperature and rain level for 5 beaches in Copenhagen, Denmark.

You can download the package here.

Update with details view and more beaches will follow soon.


Built-in antivirus in Windows 8

22 Nov

According to ZDNet and IT world Microsoft announced that they will build parts of Security Essentials antivirus into Windows 8.

I think Security Essentials is a fine product and use it as protection for all of my Windows 7 computers – this is an active choice I have performed. I understand that many end-users will benefit of free built-in anti-virus protection. Personally I would prefer a pick-and-choose strategy letting the user select their preferred anti-virus provider as part of the Windows installation process.


Numeric keyboard on Windows Phone 7

15 Nov

Typing on a smartphone can be somewhat of a challenge. Therefore as much help as possible is often preferred. When the user selects a TextBox in a Windows Phone 7 app it will show the normal alphanumeric keyboard by default.

If the user should input a numeric value it would be a help for the user that the numeric keyboard was show as default instead. The trick is to set the InputScope property. Setting InputScope="CurrencyAmount" on a TextBox will force the numeric keyboard to be show.


Windows Phone brugergruppen runder 300 medlemmer

12 Nov

Den danske Windows Phone brugergruppe (wpdev) er ikke mere end godt ét år gammel. Alligevel kunne gruppen i dag fejre medlem nummer 300 (tak til Keld, udviklingschef hos EG Neoprocess).

I løbet af det seneste år har brugergruppen ikke være fantastisk aktiv, men afholdte sidste år codecamps for 100+ udviklere. I løbet af november 2011 afholder gruppen igen en række codecamps i København, Århus, Odense og Aalborg – det tyder allerede på en deltagerrekord med næsten 70 tilmeldte i København alene.


Can a WP7 app expire?

8 Nov

During one of my Windows Phone talks I got a question about the expiration of a Windows Phone app. Can it expire and will it at some point be removed from the marketplace if it is rated to low during a period.

The answer is no!

An app will never expire no matter the number of downloads or what the ratings are. The only scenario where an app will be removed from the marketplace is if the app hub account expires.