5 days with an iPad

13 Jul

For the last 5 days I have been using my new iPad as my primary home-device. With home-device I mean the device I use to check e-mails, editing documents, order planetickets, transfer money and check what is coming on TV tonight.

First of all my wife appreciate the performance, the lightweight hardware and that it is really easy to use. Secondly my 2-year old kid loves it – the userinterface and hardware is so intuitive to use that he actually switches between games without my wife or I need to help him.

For my own point of view I’m amazed by the hardware – it great looking and simple to use. I’m not really enjoying IOS but I must admit that it is running smoothly on the hardware. I’m a bit disappointed about the lack of functionality due to the fact that the browser is treated like a mobile browser; the mobile browser will not let me edit my documents online (blame it on the browser or the office-product; I do not care – it does not work). There is a lot of functionality I’m missing in OS (like being able to run Java – my online banking require it) but it is partly compensated by the lots of apps available.

One app really blow my mind: Flipboard. It is a really cool new way to read news.

I think we will see a new OS running on iPads in the future – an OS looking more like OSX then IOS. In a moment Microsoft will launch Windows 8 running on lots of different slates – some will proably look more or less like the iPad. With Windows 8 you will get the full OS experience on the slates and Apple have to match that in some way.

This post was written on my iPad using the WordPress app.

by xamlgeek

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