Doesn’t Denmark like HTML5?

14 Jun

HTML5 is getting more and more focus. The pieces in the standard is slowing falling into place and lately Microsoft announced that the Windows 8 touch UI will support HTML5 based tiles. The HTML5 plugin (aka modern browsers) is pushing the penetration of HTML5 (75,64%) and recently it passed the Silverlight penetration (75,1%) worldwide.

But what is going on in Denmark?! The Silverlight penetration is 74,17% but the HTML5 penetration is 41,1%. Seriously!! Why is the HTML5 penetration that low in Denmark compared to the worldwide penetration. Did we forget to upgrade our browsers??

All figures are taken from

by xamlgeek

2 Responses to “Doesn’t Denmark like HTML5?”

  1. Michael Friis June 30, 2011 at 19:13 #

    I have a hard time believing that 75% of the world is up to speed with HTML5.
    Looking at the danish statistics from FDIM Chrome at 10% of the pageviews is the most widely used HTMl5 capable browser.
    IE7 and 8 are leading the statistics by far and IE9 at barely 5%.

    Safari and FF are at around 10% each aswell.

    A rough estimate between them is ~35% which is pretty close to riastats estimate.

    75% penetration around the globe would limit only 1 in 4 internet users to use IE8/7 or 6 which sounds (to me) very unlikely. Especielly given IE6’s wide usage in third world countries where pirated XP’s are still the most widely used OS.


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