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Limitations in number of items in the ApplicationBar

29 Jun

During a Windows Phone 7 course a few weeks ago I was asked about limitations in the ApplicationBar for Windows Phone 7 applications. I mentioned my thoughts on the overall design of the ApplicationBar – e.g. the missing possibilities of sharing an ApplicationBar between pages (there are some workarounds!).

The student asked about any limitations in the number of items – to be honest I did not know the precise answer. I quickly discovered that the limitation is 4 items. If you try to add more items then 4 items you will get a warning in design time and XamlParseException at runtime (inner exceptions is “Too many items in list”).

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Custom Title in a Windows Phone Panorama Control

29 Jun

The Panorama control is widely used in Windows Phone 7 applications. It often bring some wow-effect to the applications and can provide an easy way to navigate through some content.

It is easy to use the Panorama control and one of the default features is the title of the control. It is set using the Title property of the control.


In some cases it is necessary to build a richer title. Using TitleTemplate and a DataTemplate it is possible to build a custom title for the Panorama control.

In the sample below I have added a logo to the Title.


And here is my custom Title in my Panorama control.


You can download the sample here.

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Doesn’t Denmark like HTML5?

14 Jun

HTML5 is getting more and more focus. The pieces in the standard is slowing falling into place and lately Microsoft announced that the Windows 8 touch UI will support HTML5 based tiles. The HTML5 plugin (aka modern browsers) is pushing the penetration of HTML5 (75,64%) and recently it passed the Silverlight penetration (75,1%) worldwide.

But what is going on in Denmark?! The Silverlight penetration is 74,17% but the HTML5 penetration is 41,1%. Seriously!! Why is the HTML5 penetration that low in Denmark compared to the worldwide penetration. Did we forget to upgrade our browsers??

All figures are taken from

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