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Silverlight kurser og workshops

31 Jan

Jeg har tidligere skrevet om en række Silverlight workshops som jeg afholder I løbet af de kommende 4 måneder. Alle workshops foregår onsdag aften på ITU fra kl. 18:00-21:00.

Nu ligger der også 2 kurser på tegnebrættet – et “Introduktion til Silverlight 4”-kursus og et “Avanceret Silverlight 4”-kursus. Begge kurser ligger i starten af april.

For at gøre det hele en smule mere overskueligt har jeg opdateret så den fremover viser en oversigt over alle workshops, kurser og foredrag som Bluefragments står for.

Derudover afholder den danske Silverlight brugergruppe (SLDEV) en række spændende events som kan ses på

Happy coding!

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PivotViewer demos

27 Jan

During the last months I have been working on a Silverlight PivotViewer demo for a customer. I have been very surprised by the power of the PivotViewer control available for Silverlight 4. That said I’m looking forward to the PivotViewer control being an integrated control in Silverlight 5.

The demo I did is a closed demo (for now), but below I have listed some public (and very cool) demos.

You can learn more about PivotViewer at

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Silverlight 4 certified

24 Jan

A few months ago I took a Silverlight 4 (beta) exam (70-506). Because it was a beta exam I didn’t receive the result right away – but today I got the result. And I passed – YEAH :) It’s was a beta exam so I don’t get the detailed score – could have been fun to see, though.

You can read more about the exam at Microsoft Learning:
Exam 70-506: TS: Silverlight 4, Development

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7 Silverlight workshops

24 Jan

During the next 4-5 months I will do a series of Silverlight workshops. Each workshop is a practical hands-on workshop with focus on one subject. The level of each workshop vary but is clearly marked on each workshop.

Introducing Silverlight
Rich UI
The Application Model

All workshops will be held in Danish in Copenhagen, Denmark. The workshops are hosted by Bluefragments.

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The Silverlight penetration is no longer an issue

23 Jan

From the very beginning of Silverlight penetration has been an issue. As a professional developer living of Silverlight and as a Silverlight MVP, I often face questions about the Silverlight penetration from customers.

Some facts: The Flash plug-in is installed on almost 97 percent of all computers whereas the Silverlight plug-in is installed on about 70 percent of all computers.

Silverlight is primarily used to create enterprise components, tools and sites. If you take a look at the tools used to create Flash versus Silverlight (Visual Studio + Expression Studio) there is no doubt Silverlight are miles ahead of Flash. If you look at the advantages of being able to reuse existing resources and knowledge (.NET and Visual Studio) from an enterprise perspective Silverlight will beat Flash any day of the week.

In my opinion, the penetration of Silverlight has now reached a level where it’s no longer a barrier for enterprises to use Silverlight – even on public faced websites. The many advances of Silverlight will overshadow the lower penetration compared to Flash.

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WOW! that was fun

20 Jan

Tonight I participated in the first geeknight hosted by the Danish Silverlight usergroup (SLDEV). It was a really great experience and I actually think that it was great fun. Only six developers participated but it was a relaxed atmosphere and we shared a lot of experiences.

The only agenda was that it was all about Silverlight. What surprised me was that only one (1!) choose to work on a Silverlight (OOB) application. The rest (including myself) was working on a Silverlight WP7 application. I actually managed to complete my Badevand application that show meteological data for beaches in Copenhagen, Denmark. The data is stored in a SQL Azure database and retrieved using an OData feed.

It might sound really geeky (and it is!) but I’m looking forward to the next geeknight in February (

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ConWX are looking for a software developer

19 Jan

ConWx is expanding and they are now looking for a new employee for software development and project work. ConWX deliver meteorological data and consultancy work to the wind turbine industry and energy- and utility companies.

I have been working as consultant (on and off) during the last couple of years. It’s a great place to work and you will get to work with some really enthusiastic and skilled colleagues.


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