My thoughts on the TechEd 2010 keynote

8 Nov

Earlier today I attended the TechEd 2010 keynote in Berlin. I insisted on attending the keynote even though I often get disappointed – unfortunately today was no exception.

TechEd is a conference for IT pros and developers. Some years Microsoft has held a conference for IT pros and a separate conference for developers. I understand the advantages of bringing the two groups together but I also see some disadvantages. The keynote today was one of them.

The keynote introduced some new exiting things like Office 365 and Windows 7 SP1. If I was an IT pro it was probably a very good keynote and as a developer it’s important to know about server products. Even though I’m really excited about Office 365 I’m not attending a conference to hear about stuff like that. I would have loved to hear some thoughts and visions on how Microsoft sees the future regarding development tools, languages and stuff like that.

Maybe separate keynotes for IT pros and developers are all it requires?!

Tomorrow I’m attending a lot of sessions and I’m sure it will be great fun and I will hear a lot of exciting stuff.

by xamlgeek

2 Responses to “My thoughts on the TechEd 2010 keynote”

  1. Ole Nielsen November 10, 2010 at 08:38 #

    Last year in Berlin, there was a pre keynote for developers. If it same this year, you could watch it on the teched site.

  2. Anders Lybecker November 10, 2010 at 08:59 #

    I skipped TechEd this year for exactly the same reason – last year in Berlin, there where not enough great content for the developers.

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