Silverlight and Windows Phone usergroups

30 Sep

Over the summer we have started two new usergroups in Denmark: A Silverlight usergroup (SLDEV) and a Windows Phone usergroup (WPDEV). Both usergroups have some key members that are very passionate about the technologies. By the time of writing each usergroup got more than 100 members – that is really cool!

Next week we have our first official event in the Silverlight usergroup. TV 2 Denmark (large Danish broadcasting company) talks about why they have chosen Silverlight and we take a technical walkthrough of their Silverlight based video player.

Later on next week Nikhil Kothari visits Copenhagen (YEAH!!!). The Silverlight usergroup have arranged a 2 hour talk by Nikhil about WCF RIA Services.

In the Windows Phone usergroup we have planned to do a code camp tour around Denmark during October. You can see the events at Eventbrite:

by xamlgeek

2 Responses to “Silverlight and Windows Phone usergroups”

  1. Rodrigo Kono October 2, 2010 at 01:41 #

    Congratulations for your nomination!
    Welcome to MVP Team.

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