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Silverlight and Windows Phone usergroups

30 Sep

Over the summer we have started two new usergroups in Denmark: A Silverlight usergroup (SLDEV) and a Windows Phone usergroup (WPDEV). Both usergroups have some key members that are very passionate about the technologies. By the time of writing each usergroup got more than 100 members – that is really cool!

Next week we have our first official event in the Silverlight usergroup. TV 2 Denmark (large Danish broadcasting company) talks about why they have chosen Silverlight and we take a technical walkthrough of their Silverlight based video player.

Later on next week Nikhil Kothari visits Copenhagen (YEAH!!!). The Silverlight usergroup have arranged a 2 hour talk by Nikhil about WCF RIA Services.

In the Windows Phone usergroup we have planned to do a code camp tour around Denmark during October. You can see the events at Eventbrite:

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Getting ready for JAOO

28 Sep

On Sunday I’m doing a full day training session about Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and Azure. All three technologies are huge and great at their own but together they give a truly amazing development platform.

Doing the session the participants will learn to develop a Silverlight webshop running in the browser and they will learn to build an out-of-browser Silverlight application to administrate the webshop. To take it one step further the participants will learn to develop a simple shop for Windows Phone 7 (yes, I will bring a developer device!). Finally the participants will learn to host the applications in Windows Azure and to store the data in SQL Azure.

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ResourceDictionary in WP7

27 Sep

WP7 is based on Silverlight 3+ and by default it’s not possible to create a new resource dictionary. However it’s pretty easy to work around – just follow the same guidelines as if it was in Silverlight 3.

1) Create a new Class and rename it YourResourceDictionary.xaml (or whatever fits you).

2) Replace the content from the Class with the content you need:

xmlns:x=”” >
<!– Your resources goes here –>

3) Unless you’re creating a Generic.xaml resource dictionary in the Themes folder you need to add the resource dictionary to the list of merged resource dictionaries in your App.xaml file:

<ResourceDictionary Source=”YourResourceDictionary.xaml” />

Your resource dictionary will now be loaded as part of the application resources to your WP7 application.

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Frame and Page Navigation Overview for Windows Phone

23 Sep

Most Silverlight browser and out-of-browser applications can benefit from using Frames and Navigation. Silverlight applications on Windows Phone almost need Frames and Navigation. This little article gives a good overview of the terms and explain how and where to use the different parts.

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Silverlight 4 minimum requirements

22 Sep

If you’re looking for the minimum requirements for Silverlight 4, you will probably browse to or to However if you go to you will get disappointed – the minimum requirements listed is for Silverlight 3.

Windows: Intel® Pentium® III 450MHz or faster processor (or equivalent)
Mac OS: Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor

I was told by Microsoft that the minimum requirements remains the same for Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4. However if you go to the Silverlight install page you can see the minimum requirements for the most current version of Silverlight (4.0.50826.0):

Windows: X86 or x64 1.6-gigahertz (GHz) or higher processor
Macintosh: Intel Core Duo 1.83-gigahertz (GHz) or higher processor

I’m confused… Well, for future requests regarding the minimum requirements I would choose the Silverlight install page.

Edit: Turned out that the information on the FAQ was wrong and will be corrected. Minimum requirements is 1.6 GHz.

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20 Sep

During the past 3 weeks I have been planning a code camp tour with the rest of the Windows Phone user group in Denmark. In four weekends in a row in October we are going to visit Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and Copenhagen. The code camp will offer lots of training, hands-on experience and of course an opportunity to play with some phone 7 devices :)

You can read more here:


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Silverlight and SharePoint 2010

14 Sep

I have done quite a few courses, workshops and presentations about Silverlight. Last week I did a 4-days Silverlight 4 course and I’m doing a 3-days Silverlight 4 line-of-business course in November (

Silverlight is becoming more and more widely used and with the latest release of SharePoint we get a much easier way of using Silverlight to generate WebParts. No doubt that we will see a lot of Silverlight inside SharePoint in the future.

I thought about doing a 1-day hands-on workshop about how to do Silverlight for SharePoint. Anybody interested?

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Valuable lesson learned about Azure

13 Sep

For the last two months I have been working on a Silverlight project hosted on an Azure platform. I have had my challenges with Azure but all things considered I think it is a really good platform. It’s without doubt that I can say my next Silverlight application will be based on the Azure platform as well.

But – there’s one thing that hit me pretty hard. The bill. For the last month I got a bill for 3300 computing hours!!!Windows azure got both a Production and a Staging environment and apparently (and fair enough) I pay for every hour for both environments and for every site I have active. Since then I have suspended all of my Staging environments when not needed.

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