Silverlight 4

18 Nov

At the PDC09 in Los Angeles, Microsoft unveiled a beta version of Silverlight 4. There are lots of new really cool features including

  • printing support,
  • WCF RIA Services (previously called .NET RIA Services),
  • HTML within the application,
  • offline DRM,
  • access to My Documents folder,
  • interaction with desktop applications like Office

Read the full beta information here where you also can download the beta and related tools.

Tim Heuer has written a great guide to the new features here. Channel 9 have provided some Silverlight 4 training that you can get here.

Notice that there is no go-live license with Silverlight 4 beta!

by xamlgeek

One Response to “Silverlight 4”

  1. Troels Richter November 19, 2009 at 11:58 #

    Glæder mig til at prøve hvordan Evaluated trust fungerer og om man har mere kontrol over det vinue som en out-of-browser løsning er hostet i.

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