Silverlight, Prism & .NET RIA Services

13 Nov

In these days I’m working on a project for a Danish media company. The project is pilot showing the possibilities with the FAST search engine. On top of the FAST search engine we are building a Silverlight client showing the result. From here the user and dive deeper into the results or work with results.

To make the Silverlight client as modular and flexible as possible I have used PRISM to split the content into modules and the eventaggregator inside PRISM to make the modules disconnected from eachother and selfcontained.

I have implemented .NET RIA Services as middle tier to transfer the search result from the FAST search engine to the Silverlight client. Even though .NET RIA Services works great and seems really stable, there are some bugs and missing features. I’m looking forward to the official beta of .NET RIA Services next week :)

All-in-all I was a bit exited about this setup and if it worked. Even though I’m not through with the project, the technologies seems to work great together. I’m not sure that I can post deeper technical stuff about this project, but maybe some fragments will be available.

Next week (18th December 2009) I’m hosting a talk about .NET RIA Services – more about that here.

by xamlgeek

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