TextBlock versus Label

29 Apr

Some thoughts on the use of TextBlock versus Label in Silverlight.

Even though TextBlock lives in the System.Windows.Controls namespace, it is not a control.  It derives directly from FrameworkElement.  Label, on the other hand, derives from ContentControl. 

This means that Label can:
1. Be given a custom control template (via the Template property).
2. Display data other than just a string (via the Content property).
3. Apply a DataTemplate to its content (via the ContentTemplate property).
4. Do whatever else a ContentControl can do that a FrameworkElement cannot.

But be aware! The use of Label is a way more heavy then TextBlock due to its Visual Tree.

Visual Tree of a Label:
         <TextBlock Text="Hello World"/>

Visual Tree of a TextBlock:
<TextBlock Text="Hello World" />

So unless you really need the funcationlity provided by a Label you should use a TextBlock.


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