Gazelle 2016

29 Sep

Bluefragments er netop kåret som Gazelle 2016 af Børsen! Væksten kommer såvel fra nye kundeprojekter som stærkere eksisterende kunderelationer, der i høj grad handler om innovation, initiativ og om at bruge teknologien til at transformere forretningen. Især inden for Internet of Things og SmartCity tager den digitale transformation fart.

Det er super fedt og jeg er vildt stolt af alle medarbejdere i Bluefragments og alle vores kunder som har været med til at nå dertil hvor vi er i dag. Tusind tak!

Remove NuGet package from VSTS feed

21 Sep

Easy overview of how to remove a NuGet package from a VSTS feed:

New Windows 10 build available

19 Mar

Yesterday preview build 14291 was released – mostly with new Edge browser features.

Tiny house

19 Mar

Is this the future or a crazy idea? Kinda like the idea about small, simple and focus on the most important values. But is it realistic?
// thomas

Congratulations Microsoft and Xamarin

25 Feb

Bluefragments congratulates Microsoft and Xamarin for the exciting news that Microsoft intents to acquire Xamarin.

This is great news for the important cross-platform endeavors the mobility market is demanding: To do more – on any device – with less effort.

In Bluefragments we have worked hard to become the most trusted Xamarin partner in Denmark in order to match our skillsets on the Windows platform. Our efforts has given us a strong leadership position on both platforms – and we could not be more excited to see that the two companies now becomes one.

Exciting future ahead!

Do you have what it takes?

22 Jan

In Bluefragments we build great solutions – and we got a lot more exiting work coming.

Do you have what it takes to join our “Microsoft App partner of the year” (3 years in a row), Xamarin and IoT pioneer company?

Drop me a line – just keep it short and to the point … like your code.

Nominated for 3 Microsoft Partner Awards

5 Nov

Tonight is the annual Microsoft Denmark Partner Award show – and Bluefragments are nominated for 3 awards.

We submitted applications for three categories and has been honored with a nomination in all three (which of course must mean we are among the 3 best in each category in the field of more than 4000 Microsoft partners in Denmark :)):

  • App partner of the year
  • Innovation Partner Partner of the year, Product Services & Technology
  • Customer satisfaction

The award show tonight is at the brand new Microsoft Office in Lyngby – exciting times :D

MPA_nominering_2015_App MPA_nominering_2015_Bedste_Kundetilfredshed MPA_nominering_2015_Innovations_Produkt_S_T

// thomas