Project Malmo

4 Jun

A few days ago, Microsoft made their platform for training AI agents using Minecraft public – the platform is called Project Malmo (formerly know as Project AIX). Project Malmo is a Minecraft mod and supports many different programming languages.

“The Malmo platform is a sophisticated AI experimentation platform built on top of Minecraft, and designed to support fundamental research in artificial intelligence.”

Project Malmo is open source, available on GitHub:

Join the community – a channel for questions and discussion is now live on

Development, test and production UWP apps running side-by-side

14 Mar

We often have the need for having both development, test and production version of UWP apps installed on our development and test machines. To accomplish this we modify the package.appxmanifest as part of the build and release process in VSTS.

The “Name”-attribute in the “Identity”-tag in the manifest file determine the unique identification of the app. This is what needs to be different in development, test and production.

Step 1 – associate app with Windows Store

Before doing any modifications, it can be a good idea to associate your app with the Windows Store. You’ll need the info generated later.

Step 2 – development

For development use you can set the value directly from Visual Studio (open package.appxmanifest in code view).

You can set the value of the “Name”-attribute in the “Identity”-tag to actually what you want. Copy and save the existing value – you’ll need this info in a bit.

You can set the “DisplayName”-attribute in “uap:VisualElements”-tag to a clear development name – I often add “(dev)” after the existing value.

Step 3 – test

For test, the modifications to the package.appxmanifest file should happen as part of the build process (in VSTS).

To make the modifications I use two powershell scripts – one for the identity name (SetPackageName.ps1) and one for the displayname (SetDisplayName.ps1). Add the scripts to your files (eg. in a resources-folder) and commit them.

Edit your build definition and add two powershell script tasks – add them before the build task.

Point the first task to the SetPackageName script. Set the new package name as argument to the script: “-packagename ‘MyAwesomeAppTest’”. Set the working folder to the folder where the package.appxmanifest is under the “Advanced”-section.

Point the second task to the SetDisplayName script. Set the new display name as argument to the script: “-displayname ‘My Awesome App (test)’”. Set the working folder to the folder where the package.appxmanifest is under the “Advanced”-section.

Step 4 – production

For production it is the exact same steps as for test. For production you should use the values you initially changed in the package.appxmanifest file.

Wrap up

You should now be able to install development, test and production versions of your app, without the apps interfering with each other.

// thomas

Gazelle 2016

29 Sep

Bluefragments er netop kåret som Gazelle 2016 af Børsen! Væksten kommer såvel fra nye kundeprojekter som stærkere eksisterende kunderelationer, der i høj grad handler om innovation, initiativ og om at bruge teknologien til at transformere forretningen. Især inden for Internet of Things og SmartCity tager den digitale transformation fart.

Det er super fedt og jeg er vildt stolt af alle medarbejdere i Bluefragments og alle vores kunder som har været med til at nå dertil hvor vi er i dag. Tusind tak!

Remove NuGet package from VSTS feed

21 Sep

Easy overview of how to remove a NuGet package from a VSTS feed:

New Windows 10 build available

19 Mar

Yesterday preview build 14291 was released – mostly with new Edge browser features.

Tiny house

19 Mar

Is this the future or a crazy idea? Kinda like the idea about small, simple and focus on the most important values. But is it realistic?
// thomas

Congratulations Microsoft and Xamarin

25 Feb

Bluefragments congratulates Microsoft and Xamarin for the exciting news that Microsoft intents to acquire Xamarin.

This is great news for the important cross-platform endeavors the mobility market is demanding: To do more – on any device – with less effort.

In Bluefragments we have worked hard to become the most trusted Xamarin partner in Denmark in order to match our skillsets on the Windows platform. Our efforts has given us a strong leadership position on both platforms – and we could not be more excited to see that the two companies now becomes one.

Exciting future ahead!