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Spotify – we will do your Windows Store app for free!

14 Dec

It’s a shame to see that Spotify still isn’t available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. I understand that they probably have a big backlog and can’t have apps of this size available in just a few weeks.

However Windows 8 have been available for some months now and we haven’t heard anything from Spotify about a realistic release date. The result is obvious – users cancel their subscriptions and find another musicplayer. Just check out the forums and the comments in this thread – users have an excellent alternative in Xbox music.

A few weeks back my team and I decided to take a radical step – we offered Spotify to do the Windows 8 app – for free. We have developed our share of apps for the Windows Store; 20+ apps ranging from video-on-demand apps to homebanking apps.

We still haven’t heard anything from Spotify.



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